Saturday, 30 May 2015

Will you be breaking the law?

There is an extremely good chance that before the end of 2017 your business could be breaking the law. This is because most UK businesses are in blissful ignorance of the introduction of a new EU data law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Failure to address this issue could lead to fines of hundreds of millions of Euros, or five per cent of turnover. With the possibility of consumers being able to claim damages for misuse of data, heading your way!

To meet coming compliance standards most of the currently advocated practices for data collection will have to be abandoned or at least seriously changed. These new requirements make no provision for the size of the business collecting the data. They will apply to all businesses irrespective of size. Therefore it is essential for businesses to identify the right sources of advice to ensure their future compliance with these new regulations.

There is a solution.

As these regulations are European only, a good rule of thumb is if the advice is in English ensure that it is of British and not of American origin. If it is priced in dollars avoid it!

While it is inherent on all  EU businesses to seek the proper professional advice, appointing an individual or an agency to be responsible for ensuring the new regulations are compiled with. The new EU data laws will require audits of all current data and how it was collected as well as ensuring that all new data collected is fully compliant. The result will leave your data secure, better organised and ensure that you are marketing to people who want to hear your message and not annoying those who do not, thus ensuring a better chance of a positive result.

These regulations may seem onerous, yet they are not much more than the best practice, that already advocated in UK. They can be used to build a bond trust with prospective clients. Ensured confidentiality, can allow you to generate valuable new data, making direct sales calls easier to target.

Instead of looking at this EU data law as a unwelcome burden on your business, look at it as an opportunity to build your businesses reputation for compliance and professionalism. Simply ensure that you are taking your advice from the right source.

Gavin Bryan-Tansley ~ Owner Vid-FX+ Advertising

Friday, 15 May 2015


Could somebody please tell me what is the point of sending the email above?

Ok 'images generate more clicks'. But only when people can see them!

Somebody has obviously tried to do some email marketing here. They have listened to the why, but not the how.

If you are really into advertising and marketing your business the DIY approach does not really work. Issues such as the above can do your business irreparable harm.

As seen above the images were to big to load and there was noting in the subject line or the header to encourage a recipient to take any further action, except to delete the email.

First impressions count!

Trite but true. What does the message above say about the advertiser?
Simply that if the sender does not care enough about their business to ensure that they get own promotions right. Why would anyone trust them to care about getting it right for their businesses?
Ok, kind of cynical. But lets be honest, with hundreds of marketing emails hitting peoples inboxes everyday. Who are you going to choose, this or the very next email that does have something to say? 
If you are going advertise and market your business, concentrate on what you do best and let others do what they do best. Commercial advertising pays. So talk to the professionals, people who do this everyday. They will stop you wasting your time and everybody else's.
Gavin Bryan-Tansley Vid-FX+ Advertising

Oh, please note. 
That this is far from an isolated instance, I get dozens of these a day. 
Think of the marketing opportunities that are being lost! 

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