Sunday, 4 January 2015

Why is no one looking at your marketing content.

Why is no one looking at your marketing content.
So you've been to all the seminars, been on every course and read all the books. You've done everything that you have been told to do and still your view count is still stubbonly stuck to the bottom of the scale. Why?

There is more to advertising than meets the eye. It is easy to leap right in, create a bit of content, grab a few stock images and make a quick video or two with your web cam and off you go. It doesn't matter if the content and media is good or bad, because your view counter is stuck on zero!

So what's gone wrong? 

Answer, you probally have missed a few keys stages. 

Pre production - Market Research.
 1. Who wants to buy your product?
 2. When and where are they active?
 3. What makes your product different?

Post production - Distribution.
 1. How to get your message out there?
 2. Where to place your message so that it gets noticed?
 3. How to use other peoples marketing to boost your message?

Placing your message is crucial, just sticking it up on social media and waiting for it to be discovered, is rarely successful on its own. It may sound silly but you have to 'advertise your advert'. Trying your advertising to other promotions and events can also be extremely successful, if done correctly.

The reality is, dispute claims to the country, there is no such thing as free advertising, it has to be paid for oneway or another. The measure of success for an advert is the ROI, return on investment. If your investment is zero, don't expect much of a return.

While most people can write about their businesses, they can only do so in reference to their own business. They have little knowledge of what their rivals and competitors are doing, or where others have already tried and failed in these endeavours. Knowing what has been done before, why they have failed and where they have succeeded, can give you a real competitive edge. Knowing why your potential customers prefer another business to theirs is even better.

Your local advertising agency will have done the market research. having worked with other businesses in the local market they have where they have failed and where they have succeeded. Ad agencies know the laws and regulations under which all advertising and marketing must operate. They know where your adverts will get the most views. They will know why potential customers are buying from elsewhere. But you must be ready to listen, be ready to accept that perhaps you have made a mistake or that the advice you were given was not all that it should have been. Above all, let the professionals get on with their job while you do yours. Think on this, 'while you are doing their job, who's doing yours?'

Gavin Bryan-Tansley Owner Vid-FX+

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