Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Is cheap advertising really worth the cost?

Everything has a cost, even free will cost you something, somewhere down the line.

In advertising terms the cost is in how your business is perceived. Get it right and your turnover increases, either through more customers and more sales, or through rebranding your business to enhance the value of your business, a slightly lower turnover at a higher value.

Get it wrong and brand yourself as a cheap, budget, low price, operation and you will find your turnover increasing and your prices going down. Eventually you could find your costs rapidly overtaking your maximum income. This often leads to even more desperate attempts to gain business and the temptation to make promises you can't keep...

Customers are not idiots, here in the UK they are exposed daily to some of the worlds best and most sophisticated adverting advertising campaigns. Cheap advertising can be very costly, yet good advertising does not necessary have to be expensive.

Don’t be tempted by the DIY and Free advertising offered by so many companies whose sole interest is in building their businesses.

Do not be tempted to cut out the middleman and go strait to your web designers videographers and photographers. Their job is to make you a good design video or photo, and that’s all they can do.
Advertising is a complex process that relies on an understanding of why people buy, where they go to buy and what can help influence them to make a buying decision. It is a fusion of art and science based on research, study and long years of experience.

Building a commercial advertising strategy, woking with foresight, will make quality advertising affordable and effective. leaving everything to chance and the last minute, will make your advertising costly, ineffective and counter productive.

Talking to your advertising agency in the planning stages, before you launch your product or service pays dividends.

Gavin Bryan-Tansley Owner Vid-FX+

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