Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Can you afford to Do It Yourself?

Despite all the top business leaders advocating hiring the best people you can afford. There is still a thriving market for DIY books, webinars and tutorials, for business owners and managers out to save the pennies.

Yes, you can learn how to do almost anyones job if you set your mind to it. It is not that difficult, most college units can be taught in only 40 hours. There is certainly no lack of free advice on how 'I did it' online.

The question is, do you dismiss the years, even decades, of proven professional experience that other people can bring to you business, in order to say a few pounds by doing it yourself? What does it say about your business and your values, when you do it yourself? Will it inspire confidence in your potential customers that you are prepared to settle, for what is essentially an amateur solution, to a commercial problem?

On a more practical side. While you are focused on doing everybody else's job, who is doing yours?

Don't micro manage. Have a vision and use that vision to hire the best people to provide the services you need: They have more experience in what works and what does not. They can do a better job in less time and as a consequence are often cheaper in the long run. Hiring the best, inspires your clients and reassures them that you are not going to cut corners in their work.

Ok, there are times in any business, when cash flow simply prevents you from hiring anyone. But when you rigidly adhere to a DIY policy in every circumstance! Perhaps it is time to look at why you are in business. If you are in business to save money you will soon have neither money nor a business.

To this end Vid-FX+ advertising has set up a consultancy service to help you choose the best advertising and marketing options for your business. Advising you on how to build your business.

In of our experience one of the biggest concerns, is businesses choosing inappropriate advice. In the English speaking world, there are many countries using the same language yet with many different legal systems. It is all to easy to mistake good advice from one country and applying it to another, only to find that the advice is inappropriate for their legal system. For instance I was reading a book last night by a very, very successful businessman. Their advice was fantastic, I loved every word of it. The shame was that much of what was advised as good business practice in the 1960's had been made illegal 20 odd years ago!

As a rule of thumb: If advice uses a different currency, or spoken in a different accent to yours. Or if it is more than a few years old. Seek specific 'Local' advice to ensure that you are doing the right thing. The last thing you need is a letter instructing you that you are under investigation for illegal practices, false, or misleading advertising.

Gavin Bryan-Tansley - Vid-FX+Advertising

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