Friday, 30 June 2017

Brand Advertising - New Rules

A new code of advertising practice ruling on brand advertising is now coming into force.

Previously, ‘Brand advertising’ has been independent of the products or services you sell. The nature of the product or service you sell will now be taken into account when you advertise the 'Brand.'
For instance. There are strict rules on advertising foods with high fat, salt or sugar content (HFSS). Before it had been possible to promote the Store or Band alone. From today, ‘Band advertising' will fall under the same rules as the product/service the band sells.
So, if your brand is XYZ’s and you are known for the famous 'XYZ Burger'. You will now have to follow the rules on HFSS advertising on all your adverts. But, if your main activity is elsewhere, not associated with an HFSS product. That the majority of your sales are from other services. Then the old rules may still apply.
We now wait on precedent being set, to see just how this is to be applied in practice.

Gavin. Vid-FX+ Advertising.

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