Tuesday, 7 April 2015

City or Country Businesses

City or country businesses, which are better?

The perceived value is that the city businesses are far superior than locally sourced solutions.

Are they?

Lets see.

I have been based in two major cities, both creative hubs for my industry. The company that employed me subcontracted to most of the big names in the industry. Allowing me to work on some really major national and international campaigns.

While working in the city our running costs were high. For the average price of our services you would get slightly less than 8 hours. Longer than that and we would start to lose money.

Yet after relocating to an area outside the major conurbations. We have not only achieved a better quality of life. That same average cost will now buy you 40 hours! Same skills, same talent, same experience as when we worked from the city offices. But this time no massive rents on our offices and homes. No long daily commute. No crowded fight to get fed or a seat on the tube, no wasted hours stuck in a traffic jam. Less stress, a better environment and more time to give to our clients.

That’s right we can now give 5x’s the service for the same price. Not bad. So who’s better now, the harassed city business, or the city business in the country? Your choice.

-Gavin Bryan-Tansley Owner Vid-FX+ Advertising

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