Monday, 9 May 2016

It looked such a good idea...

The Osborne Effect

'The Osborne Effect', named after the first successful commercial portable microcomputer. It may not be immediately evident what this has to do with your advertising. Yet, this early portable microcomputer has had a lasting legacy on the advertising industry. 
Osborne computer executives. Had an unfortunate habit of announcing speculative products and developments. They had the idea that this would keep the company in the news. That it could be valuable 'Free' advertising. That it would build a demand for a product that did not and may never, exist.
Yet, it had the opposite effect. Causing customers to wait for the newer models, depressing sales of the current versions. It also had a knock-on effect in their press relations. In that, the press became sceptical of their ability to actually deliver. Hence, 'the Osborne effect' can lead to accusations of false and misleading advertising.
This is one of the classic mistakes, that all advertising students learn about. Yet, there are still some who continue to advocate this discredited marketing policy today! 
Don't make early announcements, inflate specifications or delivery dates. It can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and your business.

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Gavin Bryan-Tansley Vid-FX+ Advertising

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