Thursday, 12 December 2013

3 Myths and one truth.

3 Myths and one truth about advertising.

All Advertising is Manipulative!

You really don't think much of your customers do you? The modern consumer has been exposed to adverting from birth, they have become far to sophisticated for such trickery.
Advertising should be seen as helping. It should be seen as helping your potential customers make a choice, "why should they choose to purchase this product or service from you?"

Advertising in annoying!

Sick of the repeated e-mails, flyers, unsolicited phone calls, that stupid ad on the box night after night.
Advertising is all about engagement, If your adverts are getting the responses above, you have got it seriously wrong. Advertising should be targeted and used strictly at the right time and in the right place.

Advertising is Lies!

Advertising it is all buy this buy that and get… you spend a lot of money for no result.
Advertising should be honest decent lawful and truthful. Misleading your customers is illegal and governed by many laws. It is also a very foolish thing to do, it is the quickest way to loose your reputaion.

I don't have the time to advertise!

Often all to true, you are to busy running business to learn a whole new skill set. 

That is why we are in business. "Vid-FX+" offers a consultancy a full production service to our customers. We have the time and the experience to help you make the right choice about what is the best for your business.

Gavin Bryan-Tansley Owner Vid-FX+

Thursday, 5 December 2013

When saving pennies can cost you pounds

3 advertising mistakes that can be profits killers

If you lose track of 3 key essentials, advertising can kill your business as quickly as it can make it.

1. Advertising equates to new business.
Yes, advertising should generate new business. But it should also encourage former and existing customers to remain with your business. New customers are often more demanding and are more costly to service than existing customers. If you only focus on new business you will lose your existing market and gradually put yourself out of business.

2. Numbers matter!
No they don't. Becoming fixated on the numbers is sure death to your business. Focusing on likes, hits, views and click throughs are not what advertising is about. Advertising is about building customer confidence in your business. If you do that your product or service will sell itself. This is called branding, it is what successful businesses spend the most money on.

3. Selling the product.
Anyone can supply a product, often far cheaper than yourself. What you have to sell is a solution. Most customers are overwhelmed by people trying to sell them the same products and services. They know all about the technical aspects and probably know the costs and prices better than you do! What you have to do is sell them a solution to their problem.

Advertising is about building awareness, to publicising, to promote, to market. If your potential customers don't even know what you do and what you can do for them, you will never be able to sell to them no matter what deals or discounts you offer.

As in any endeavour it is often best to take professional advice before you start. Just be sure to ask the right professional, a business advisor, your accountant, your web designer, photographer or video producer may have their opinions, but they are not professional advertisers. Talk to a specialist advertising consultant if you want objective advice. It may cost for “Free advice is seldom cheap.” However it can save you far more than a few pennies in the long term, it may even save your business.

Gavin Bryan-Tansley Owner Vid-FX+

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