Friday, 23 May 2014

Business to business networking

Networking! Geese do it…
Ok it is a bit of a stretch but it makes a better photograph than a room full of people in suits!

Business to business networking is often looked upon as so difficult that many businesses refuse to even try!

The classic business persons response to networking prompted a short series of videos we made for 4Networking a few years back. Featuring Colin McKeand, of Nutri-Tox, giving advice on networking for businesses. Although technologically aged, the advice in these videos holds true today. This is well worth the time to view these videos and to review them from time to time to keep your essential networking skills honed to perfection.

Networking Part-1

Networking is one of the hardest skills for the business person to master. Colin helps you understand what you need to do to become and effective networker.

Networking Part-2

The second part of Colin McKeand's talk on networking at 4Networking Fife. 'How to introduce yourself and your business.'

Networking Part-3

Colin Mckeand concludes his talk on networking. 'How to make your networking effective by following up.'

-Gavin Bryan-Tansley Owner Vid-FX+

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