Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Advertising reaches the customers that your marketing can not.
Gavin at Vid-FX+Advertising.

All advertising and marketing starts with having a good idea, writing it down, then taking it from there...

So, what next, how far do you take it? 

No matter how good the idea. What you choose to do with it, could tell potential customers a lot more about your business, than you intend.

Whether you do it yourself with a home or in-house production. Get a friend,  student or intern to help. Or contract a commercial agency. Defines the value you place on your brand and your customers. Yet the cash value of each is remarkably not dissimilar. What it says about your business is!
1. You are marking time. You really don't want to grow your business much further.
2. You are still unsure and lack the confidence to invest in your business.
3. You are confident about your business. You are looking to grow and take on more business. You are prepared to put your risk your money behind your business.

Your advertising and marketing can say a lot about your business. Just make sure that you are sending the right message.

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